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    Covid screening app

    Screening visitors, employees or students has never been simpler.

    Screening of visitors, employees and students for COVID-19 upon arrival of your establishment is vital. Making use of the Karri app allows you to effectively screen people before or as they arrive on the premises. How to screen for COVID-19? Creating a COVID-19 screener on Karri takes minutes and allows you to digitally track all

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    New ways to fundraise

    Innovative School Fundraising Ideas

    It’s good to have our schools back. We have missed you all. The global pandemic sure has shaken up the way we do almost every single thing in our day to day life. This is no exception when we talk about fundraising in your school. Fun-runs and walkathons may be off-limits at the moment, but that’s

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    Screen pupils and teachers for COVID-19 instantly with Karri.

    Karri’s new attendance feature is the simplest way to screen your students and staff before they arrive on the school premises.

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    Will COVID-19 Kill Off Cash & Card Transactions?

    Authorities worldwide have raised concern over the possibility of banknotes and credit card POS spreading the Coronavirus. We recently shared the hard-hitting fact that the average credit/debit card Germ Score was 285 and the average cash Germ Score was 160. To put Germ Scores into context, the higher the Germ Score the dirtier the surface.

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    Keeping Kids Busy (and Learning) During The Coronavirus Self-isolation

    We know it’s a challenging time for parents right now. Facing COVID-19 anxieties and for many of you, having your little ones at home until after the Easter Weekend. Some of our own team here at Karri, understand the challenges that come with balancing children and working from home. So we thought we’d lighten your

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    Karri is urging Schools to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19

    Now, more than ever, we’re urging the nation to use Karri and eliminate any need for you, your school, your teachers, your parents and especially your children to be handling money during this concerning time.

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    Making An Impact This Festive Season

    As a parent, we know the pain of endlessly scrounging for cash to send with your child to school for events and collections. We also understand the anxiety felt throughout that day, wondering if your child will remember to hand over the cash or if you’ll find it later that evening amongst a squashed banana

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    2019 – A year to remember

    It’s been our best year yet here at Karri, we’ve hit record-breaking highs and have had fun doing so along the way!

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