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Covid screening app

Screening visitors, employees or students has never been simpler.

Screening of visitors, employees and students for COVID-19 upon arrival of your establishment is vital. Making use of the Karri app allows you to effectively screen people before or as they arrive on the premises.

How to screen for COVID-19?

Creating a COVID-19 screener on Karri takes minutes and allows you to digitally track all responses via the Karri dashboard. Using Karri completely eradicates the need for you to keep stacks of paper screening forms and makes it quick and simple to track down a visitor, employee or student.

There are two effective and easy ways to use the COVID screening app:

1.) Send out the screening questionnaire to your database via Karri

This is ideal for students attending school or employees who come to the office on a regular basis. Add your desired database of people to your COVID-19 screener and set the time you’d like your questionnaire to be sent out. Users then simply fill out the COVID-19 screener and submit it back to you. You’ll be able to track the responses real-time on the Karri dashboard.

 2.) Create the screening questionnaire, generate a QR code for your collection and display it at your entrance.

This is ideal for establishments where you have visitors arriving and you need to quickly scan them and collect their details before they enter the premises. Users simply download the Karri app (for free) sign up in less than 30 seconds, scan your QR code and fill out the screening questions. These will then be recorded on your Karri dashboard.

Getting started is simple

Using Karri to screen for COVID-19 is free, effective and reduces the risk of transmitting the virus. Plus, it saves time and effort when it comes to storing your establishment’s data. Join the hundreds of thousands of people across the nation who are using Karri as their method of screening people.

Start using Karri at your organisation today. Simply, sign up below and one of our friendly support team will get back to you.



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Candice Mitchell

Monday, January 11th, 2021

Good morning.
I trust you are well. I am looking at the option of using the Karri app screening platform for my office and factory staff. Please can you share additional information around this and how it works.

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