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Will COVID-19 Kill Off Cash & Card Transactions?

Authorities worldwide have raised concern over the possibility of banknotes and credit card POS spreading the Coronavirus.

We recently shared the hard-hitting fact that the average credit/debit card Germ Score was 285 and the average cash Germ Score was 160. To put Germ Scores into context, the higher the Germ Score the dirtier the surface. It is recommended that a food establishment surface should have a germ score of 10 or less. This critically shows that the money we are handling on a daily basis, be it cash or our debit/credit cards, are filthy and just as likely to be passing on the Coronavirus as physical contact with another person.

It has never been a better time to move away from cash and to look at contactless payment methods. 

Using an app like Karri puts a virtual card terminal in every person’s pockets. There is no need for you to head to your school, church or local club to use a card terminal or pay with cash if you have Karri. Be it school fees, the annual membership or your donations, there has never been a better time to move away from cash and card transactions.

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Our payment system allows schools and organisations to create collections online within minutes. Parents or members of your organisation can then simply download the Karri app, create a profile and make a payment. It really is that simple.

Here are some other great ways to reduce your risk of contracting the Coronavirus:

  • Minimise your contact with other humans. COVID-19 is spread through coughing, sneezing, close contact and by touching infected surfaces. 
  • Wash your hands! It is recommended that you wash your hands before you eat and when you get home from work/being out.
  • Stay at home if you are unwell! Remember, the Coronavirus is highly contagious. If there is any chance that you may have the virus, make sure you self-isolate!
  • Stay healthy! People with compromised immune systems are more likely to contract COVID-19. Do what you can now to stay healthy.

Now, more than ever, we’re urging the nation to use Karri and eliminate any need for our country to be unnecessarily putting themselves at risk, by using cash and card terminals as their main means of paying.

So the answer is yes, COVID-19 may well be the thing that makes cash and debit/card payments a thing of the past.

To get started on Karri, simply contact our support team on 021 300 1867 or via support@karripay.com

For the latest update on the COVID-19 outbreak in South Africa, check out @GovernmentZA on Twitter


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