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Karri’s Recent Improvements & Enhancements

Here at Karri, our aim is simple; to help you remove millions of rands from your school grounds and keep you safe from COVID-19! The Karri Dashboard, built for finance managers, bursars and teachers, allows the collection of funds, administration of events, creation of events, and management of money collected through the school as well as a host of other useful features.

We’re constantly working on improving the Karri product and service based on your feedback and suggestions. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you, our newest enhancements that have been recently added to the Karri system.

We’ve updated how shopping lists work:

In October 2018, Karri released one of its most-loved features; the ability to attach a shopping list to a collection. To date, shopping lists have been one of the most utilised features on Karri. Shopping lists are perfect for textbook collections, stationery collections, photograph collections and tuck shop orders. This feature allows a school to add numerous items to a collection and enables parents to “shop” through the list and place an order. Most important, it makes your parents lives super easy and removes paper-based forms. 

Recently, our team embarked on a design update, making shopping lists easier to navigate for our users, plus you can now import your shop lists and shop items via the Karri dashboard, saving you even more time.

We have also heard the call for an enhanced and easily navigable order analysis screen. This can be accessed through the order screen on the Karri dashboard, and provides a much finer order analysis for those members of the tuckshop or uniform shop.

Improvements to our Agreements feature:

Our agreements feature has become one of Karri’s most loved advanced options. 

Allowing your parents to answer a series of questions or give permission for their child, this feature has been especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We’ve seen hundreds of schools nationwide use the Karri app to screen children before they enter the school grounds. Now custom questions have a number of answer types. Have you tried out this new feature? If so we’d love to hear your feedback.

Collection start date:

An enhancement we know many of our schools have been waiting for! This feature has in fact been available for a while, but it is always worth mentioning again because it really has made so many people’s lives easier! You can now choose when you’d like them to receive the collection notification from Karri. Pre-plan the release of your collections weeks in advance and rest easy knowing they will go out when you need them to. Nifty right?! 

QR Code enabled collections:

Recently, we released a Scan to Pay via QR code functionality; allowing users to download the Karri app for free, create a profile, scan a QR code and make a secure payment to a school or organisation. All in a matter of seconds. You can enable any of your Karri collections to have a QR code. QR code payments are perfect for collections that you’d like to reach beyond your user base, eg. fundraising events. Find out more here.

Karri is at the forefront of technology, providing more than 1000 schools across the country with a mobile payment app that is fast, secure and powered by Nedbank. Karri allows parents to make safe, quick and convenient payments to your school all whilst encouraging social distancing and limiting contact between people.

If you’d like to find out more about using Karri within your school or organisation, simply contact us below or via 021 300 1867.

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