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New ways to fundraise

Innovative School Fundraising Ideas

It’s good to have our schools back. We have missed you all.

The global pandemic sure has shaken up the way we do almost every single thing in our day to day life. This is no exception when we talk about fundraising in your school. Fun-runs and walkathons may be off-limits at the moment, but that’s not to say the fundraising efforts have to dry up!

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Our new KarriScan feature allows you to distribute your fundraising collection as far and wide as you can via QR code. Now anyone can donate to your fundraising events!

We’ve compiled a list of awesome new fundraising initiatives to help your school collect funds and keep donations flowing during these strange times:

Online Bingo Evening

Thanks to video platforms such as Zoom and Skype, you can now hold virtual bingo nights at your school. Run your collection via Karri and sell entry tickets or bingo sheets.

Virtual quizzes

Zoom quizzes have been a hit during the national lockdown. Why not host your very own school quiz? Theme your evening and have prizes for the winners!

Winter warmth campaign 

We’re right in the middle of our coldest months! Help your immediate community this winter by running a winter warmth collection on Karri.


You can ask your Karri parents and beyond* to partake in your school’s raffles. By using Karri’s newest Scan feature, anybody outside of your school can buy raffle tickets by scanning your collection’s unique QR code.

Themed ‘civvies day’

As students are in Civvies every day, why not choose a day a month to create a theme day? Superhero civvies, book character civvies, the options are endless and it is a fantastic way to raise that extra money which is vital to your school right now.

Mandela Day is coming up

Your school can get involved virtually! There are a whole host of ideas on the Mandela Day website.

*Reach even more people with our QR payment method.   Now anyone outside of your school’s organisation can scan your collection’s unique QR code and donate/pay for a collection. This is a brilliant feature when it comes to fundraising at your school. Chat directly to your Account Manager today to learn more about utilising QR codes and raising more money via Karri.  

Create your fundraising collection by clicking here.

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