Screen pupils and teachers for COVID-19 instantly

Screen pupils and teachers for COVID-19 instantly

To switch on attendance at your school, simply fill in the below form and your Account Manager will make contact with you shortly…



Are You Looking For Your School’s Screening Questions?

Screen pupils and teachers for COVID-19 instantly with Karri.

Our newest feature is free to use and can help your school prevent the spread of COVID-19

We understand the complexity that comes with enforcing strict new rules and protocols around screening staff and students for symptoms of the Coronavirus. That’s why we’re releasing a new feature to you, for free, to assist with the daily screening of staff and children alike.

Karri’s new attendance feature is the simplest way to screen your students and staff before they arrive on the school premises. Screening daily before school must take place. So why not simply ask the parents to screen their child via the Karri app from the comfort and safety of their home?

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It’s easy. Create an agreement which allows you to ask all the necessary questions to a student or staff member before they enter the school grounds.

After adding the agreement to your collection, simply click our brand new attendance* option found in section 3.
*An attendance collection requires no payment from the parents and is free for your school to use for the rest of 2020.



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What happens next?


Once you’ve created your collection and sent to users. Parents simply fill out the questionnaire, which is instantly returned to you via your Karri dash. Clone your collection to create daily screening tests for your school. Access your paper trail of all screening results in one place, all whilst following the correct protocols.


To switch on attendance at your school, simply email your Account Manager. If you are a school who is yet to use Karri, you can sign up for free here.

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