Simplifying the collection of money in education and beyond. KarriPay is the easiest way to allow people to pay or
donate securely from the comfort of their smartphone.

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What is KarriPay?

Whether you’re a school, charity, religious organisation or small business, KarriPay is the easiest way to allow people to pay and donate securely from the comfort of their smartphone; whilst giving you the ability to comprehensively manage funds that are collected.

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anytime, anywhere
Receive payment notifications and communication via KarriPay Sign Up Your Organisation Send out payment requests via SMS, push message and email Create recurring collections Reconcile all payments Receive payments Organisations Parents/Members
Download KarriPay for free Join your organisation and add a payment method View all collection requests View your transaction history Receive a friendly reminders about upcoming collections Make payments without
having to handle cash

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KarriPay allows you to make safe, quick and convenient payments to your school or other community organization. So far, we've helped move millions in cash from schools to secure, trackable online transfers.

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