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Wynberg Boys’ Junior – Father & Son Camp Out

Our newest feature on Karri allows you to create shopping lists, schools can use this for textbook collections, camps, tuck shops, concerts and so much more! This week, we headed over to Wynberg Boys’ Junior School to find out how they effectively used our new shopping list function on Karri for their recent Father & Son Camp Out.
We sat down with Casey Korck, Wynberg Boys’ Bursar and asked her how Karri has benefitted both the school and the parents.

Tell us a bit about the Father and Son Camp Out Collection You Recently Ran On Karri:

The school hosts a camp out for the dads and sons, we have 300 plots for the campers on the school field, with games, designated braai areas, and a big screen to watch the Springboks Live. There is also a Saturday night potjie competition for those wanting to take part. We also offer a range of pre-ordered breakfasts, drinks and pastries for Sunday morning.

How would you have organised this event without the use of Karri?

First, we would have had to notify the parents and send out a reply slip, which the parents would have to fill in and return with the relevant payment attached. They would then have to send it to school with their child, who would give the reply slip and money to their teacher. The teacher would then mark off which children had returned their reply slips and cash. The slips would then be sent to the finance team to record, where the finance team would have to ensure that the cash paid matches the order amounts placed. Order requests would then go to the PTA and the cash would stay with the finance team to be banked, and tickets then issued and sent out to the children.

-Phew Casey, we’re exhausted just reading that process!

What made it obvious that the new list functionality would work for this event?

Definitely pre-ordered tickets & number of tickets, pre-ordered breakfasts and drinks with options, everything done in one place at one time!

What do you think of the new Shopping List Functionality?

I love it and I love item summary – all the information I need to give to PTA is there, making it so simple for everyone.

Can you describe briefly the process of setting up your list?

Once I knew to work from right to left, it was very straightforward and easy. It is great to be able to use headings and move items up and down to make it easy and very presentable.

What other events do you think Karri Lists could be used for?

Our Principle loves it and wants to use it for merchandise sold to parents throughout the year.

Find out more about our new shopping list function here.

What would you say to other schools to encourage them to use this functionality?

Do it! Take the leap, it costs you less in bank charges and makes your life so much easier. Try one event and you’ll be hooked!

Has your school successfully used Karri for a collection? Is your school or organisation yet to use Karri? Contact one of our team today: support@karripay.com or 021 300 1867.

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