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Use Karri For Your Sports Tours & Outings

Save time with Karri.

Take the stress out of collecting cash for sports tours and outings by using Karri.

With Karri, you can automate reminders, reconcile effortlessly plus, using our new agreements feature you can attach indemnity forms allowing parents to sign for their child via the Karri app, there is no further hassle of a child having to remember their permission slip or teachers tirelessly following up on missing documents. You can also make your collection a partial payment if it is a large sum of money, allowing parents to pay over a specified period of time.

Using Karri to collect money for sports tours and outings means:

• Saying goodbye to painfully reconciling EFTs from parents.

•  You are able to remind parents easily that they need to pay.

•  You can keep track of all payments on Karri’s comprehensive financial management system and you can export all data to Excel.

• Save paper with our new indemnity form feature!

Save time and effort plus keep cash off of your school grounds with Karri. 

Create your Karri collection here, or for more assistance, you can contact our support team on 021 300 1867.

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