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Setting Up Your Organisation on Karri

Karri began in 2017, helping schools and parents make simple, secure payments for activities and fundraisers. Since then, parents and teachers have wondered if they can use Karri outside of schools. Many other organisations have queried whether they can also run collections on Karri.

We have since answered the call. Karri can now be used by schools AND organisations across the globe!

How does Karri work?

Karri creates a profile for your organisation on You can designate staff to log on and create collections, set a closing date and reminders. All members are pre-loaded and receive a notification on their smartphone and via email that a payment is available on their Karri mobile app. They simply tap pay and have the option to sync events to their phone calendar. Staff have a live view of the collection with a payment status for every member. Staff can also use Karri to record other forms of payment while your membership moves to this new, convenient tool.

Karri then pays over a lump sum once the collection closes. A full flow for creating a collection can be seen here.

How much will Karri cost our Organisation?

The only cost to your organisation is a transaction fee. Here’s a snapshot of the current model:

Asset 10.png

Why have communities started using Karri?

There are many benefits for organisations, here are a few of our favourite:

  • More donations and payments made on time
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Digital record of Karri and other payments for each collection
  • No cash and no missing online payment references
  • Accept payments by card from abroad

Inevitably this means less time administering collections and more time delivering your organisation’s purpose.

How Karri benefits your members:

  • Receive invites for upcoming activities and fundraisers straight to your phone
  • Keep track of your payments and upcoming activities
  • Send money securely for you and your connections by either:
    • Linking a card to make one tap payments
    • Making instant EFTs (no beneficiary or reference needed, just login securely)

Your members spend less time paying and tracking events and more time living!

I’d like to start using Karri, what do I do next?


  1. Review and sign our engagement of services agreement – importantly, this emphasizes your data is strictly protected in accordance with the POPIA.
  2. Complete our data template to load your member information. This is used to create your profile on
  3. Notify your members that you will be using Karri. Karri provides suggested material for this.
  4. Schedule a session with a Karri rep for staff training and, in that session,
  5. Launch your first collection. Members will automatically be notified and be able to start making Karri payments.

For more information or to start using Karri, contact one of our team members on 021 300 1867 or via email on

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