NEW FEATURE: Compulsory Collections - Karri

NEW FEATURE: Compulsory Collections

We LOVE bringing new features to Karri, especially features that you have requested. One of your recent requests was the option for collections to be compulsory. What this means is parents will no longer be able to dismiss the collection. With the introduction of the extension date feature, parents will still have an opportunity to pay for the collection, even if the collection date has passed.

What makes a compulsory collection special?

• Any collection can be made into a compulsory collection.

• If this collection is not paid by the parent the status will change to OVERDUE PAYMENT and will still appear on the Karri app.

Creating a compulsory collection is simple and takes just minutes. Check out this easy step by step guide below:

1.) Create your collection and then tick Compulsory Collections which can be found under Advanced Options:
Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 12.48.55.png

2.) When a payment is overdue on Karri, it will appear like this on the app:


Want to start using this new feature but still need more assistance? Never fear! Our support team are on hand and will happily guide you through this process. Contact our us on 021 300 1867

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