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New Feature Alert: Cloning Collections

Here at Karri, we’re always aiming to add new features which have been requested by you and your school. This term, we’ve released a new feature which allows you to clone a collection.

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There are three variants when it comes to cloning a collection. Here’s a quick break down of each cloning option and it’s possible uses.

Clone collection with all members:

Cloning a collection with all members allows you to repeat a collection with all the members you added last time. For example, instead of creating a new collection for civvies day, you can simply clone the last one with all of the members.

Clone collection with only pending members:

Cloning a collection with only pending members allows you to re-open the collection to only those who have not paid from the previous collection. They may have missed the notification or didn’t see the collection in time, this creates the opportunity to send out the collection again, without sending notifications to those who have already paid.

Clone collection with no members:

Cloning a collection with no members gives you the ability to use the same collection but for different members, a great use case for this would be a grade camp which is run annually, the class list will change but the collection is still the same.

Want to find out more about cloning your collections? We’re on hand to help you out. Contact our support team on 021 300 1867




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