Meet Our Account Managers - Karri

Meet Our Account Managers

Karri is built on communities and we believe in connection. That’s why we have a dedicated team of Account Managers in different provinces around South Africa. This means that you have access to a Karri expert at any time. From visiting schools and organisations in your area to hosting Karri workshops, as well as helping inform those yet to use Karri about our services, our close-knit team work tirelessly on spreading the green blanket and bringing our solution to your doorstep.

Are you looking for someone to chat to about Karri in your area and at your school? Here’s a quick breakdown of who you can contact.

Western Cape:

Our head offices are based in the heart of Cape Town. If you’re needing assistance or just want to come and meet our team, you can pop into our offices. We’ll gladly show you our abundance of plants and the ever-growing wall of fame. If you’re looking for someone to come to your school or organisation, here’s who you can contact:

Niki Dignon heads up the sales team. You’ll often catch her bouncing between provinces and attending different events across the country. If you’d like to chat to Niki further you can contact her on

Marvellous Mareli Roux is based in Cape Town and prefers to praat in Afrikaans. So if you do too, you can contact her on

Kari (Not to be confused with Karri) Maurer is full of beans and is happy to visit your school, she is all about making sure you’re a happy camper. You can arrange a meeting with her by emailing


Vanessa Rudman covers the East and South of Johannesburg. She’s on hand to assist you with all of your Karri needs, if you’d like to arrange a meeting with her, you can contact her on

Lovely Lucy Jansen is based in the West and North of Johannesburg. If you’re looking for a friendly face and a little bit more info on Karri, you can contact her on

Eastern Cape:

The ever enthusiastic Misha Willatt heads up the Eastern Cape. You’ll often spot her at a parents evening, helping a parent download the app. She is passionate about onboarding schools and organisations. If you’re in the Eastern Cape and want to chat to Misha, contact her on


Clair Nothard is based in Durban, you’ll often find her zipping off to meet a new school or informing the masses about the Karri app. If you’re in KZN and want to learn more about Karri, you can contact her on

Do you have a general query regarding Karri? Not sure who you need to speak to? You can call our customer support team on 021 300 1867 and they will gladly assist you further!



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