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Making An Impact This Festive Season

As a parent, we know the pain of endlessly scrounging for cash to send with your child to school for events and collections. We also understand the anxiety felt throughout that day, wondering if your child will remember to hand over the cash or if you’ll find it later that evening amongst a squashed banana in the bottom of their school bag. For those of you who use Karri, you already know the benefits which come with using the Karri app. Instant payments, calendar reminders, a full transaction history, receipts emailed to you, a secure way to pay the school and let’s not forget the stress relief that comes with no longer needing to send your child to school with cash.

That’s why when your school loaded the year-end donation for the support and ground staff onto Karri you sighed a breath of relief, you entered in your desired amount and paid, all in under a minute. You also appreciated the fact that you could donate to a collection that previously you might not have known the school even did. The school saw your donation amongst many other parents and were relieved too; they didn’t have to spend hours of time at the end of term counting coins and reconciling bank statements.

As the term came to a close, many schools reached out to the Karri team to tell us moving stories on how they have raised triple, or quadruple what they’d usually raised for their ground and support staff due to the ease and simplicity of the Karri app. This year, not only did the Karri app make a difference to your life, you made a difference to your school’s ground and support staff’s lives by making a donation via the Karri app.

We are so pleased for those schools who raised funds for year-end gifts and bonuses through the Karri app. Making an impact this festive season is important and we commend you highly!

If you have a story similar to the above, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to write to us and tell us about your Karri story.

If you are a parent and your child’s school is yet to use the Karri app or you are a school who’d like to learn more about the ease and simplicity of the Karri app, you can contact us directly on 021 300 1867 or

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