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Here’s why you should be using Karri for your school fees

School fees: Every Bursar’s worst nightmare. Chasing parents for payment, reconciling, updating sheets, reminding parents AGAIN for payment.

With Karri, things don’t have to be so complicated. 

Karri school fees

We’ve seen many schools across South Africa successfully use Karri to get parents to pay for their child’s school fees. Using Karri means parents can make fast and secure payments to your school without the hassle of having to EFT.

Parents can gain e-points if they are using a credit card plus they have a full transaction history on Karri so they can easily keep track of their spending.

Using Karri to collect school fees from parents means:

• Saying goodbye to painfully reconciling EFTs from parents

•  You are able to remind parents easily that they need to pay

•  You can add custom amounts to children. This is ideal for school fees with different payment schedules chosen by parents (monthly, yearly, etc)

•  You can keep track of all payments on Karri’s comprehensive financial management system and you can export all data to Excel.

Does your school bank with Nedbank?

All schools using Nedbank as their primary bank will have all Karri fees waived until the 1st October 2019. 

This means that any and all funds raised through the Karri app whether this is for outings, fundraisers or school fees, will be paid directly to your school account with no fee attached. Karri and Nedbank will absorb all credit card and debit card fees that are normally applicable to this type of transaction.

Want to load your school’s school fees onto Karri? Find out more by contacting our support team on 021 300 1867.

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