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Forres Preparatory School – Fundraising on Karri

This week we headed over to Forres Prep School based in Cape Town, to chat to one of the teachers, Jacky Wolverson, about how Forres uses Karri to do good in Cape Town.

Along with their Roots & Shoots program, Forres are actively involved with Kew Town School in Athlone. “The link was created between the school and Kew Town through Forres employee Collette and her involvement in the Kew Town Shine Project,” Jacky explains to us that they saw the need for certain necessities at Kew Town such as stationery packs and resources for their learners. She took the idea to Forres School who have, through various fundraising events run on Karri, provided Kew Town with invaluable support and involvement over the past 2 years.”

To date, Forres have run numerous events through Karri in order to raise funds, some of which are used to provide Kew Town not only with the items that they need but also, organise amazing experiences for some of their pupils. This great initiative has allowed the school to aid in bettering the lives and provide valuable learning resources for scholars.


“We recently took a few of our Grade Six class students, together with Kew Town Grade Six students on educational outings to Koeberg Power Station as well as to Save Our Seas at St James.”

Jacky goes on to say, “During our fundraising efforts, Forres pupils were encouraged to bring stationery items into the school which the kids themselves then packed into stationary bags for the Kew Town kids for 2018. Any additional items still needed were bought by Forres using funds raised on Karri. Approximately 600 stationary bags were filled and used by the Kew Town students in 2018.

By far one of the biggest events this year for Forres and Kew Town was Mandela day, Mandela’s 100th birthday. Through the use of the Karri app and collections such as the Crazy Hair Day and Mandela Civvies Day, Forres raised enough money to buy numerous tins of colourful paint to add some colour and fun to the Kew Town school. The Forres parents created stencils and the pupils then went out to Kew Town and painted their walls as well as painting games such as Snakes & Ladders and Hop Scotch on their concrete playground floor.

Jacky finished by telling us “For the end of this year, Kew Town have created a “Wish List’ – they identified the need for packs for classrooms with items such as puzzles, books and roll-ups, and toys for imaginative play. Karri will once again play an integral role in collecting donations towards this wonderful initiative, and Forres thanks each and every parent and child who has  helped raise money for Kew Town and other fantastic initiatives.”


Has your school successfully used Karri for a fundraiser or collection? Is your school or organisation yet to use Karri? We want to hear from you! Contact one of our team today: or 021 300 1867.

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