A big change for small change - Karri

A big change for small change

Karri started just over a year ago with the vision of simplifying school payments and helping schools to focus on their main task – education. It has been an amazing journey to see the positive effects for parents as well as the admin, finance and teaching staff.

The exciting part is that we are only just beginning and our dream has grown as we have realised just how needed this application is. We have improved our product in response to the problems that schools struggle with so that we can make event collections and payments as easy as they should be.

Being a startup, we are fuelled by an enthusiastic team where skills are applied and developed. We learn from our mistakes and make sure that each new version is better and more effective than before. Just like all those years spent in school, we plan to learn, grow and make a difference, one step at a time.

Stick with us!

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