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Cash On School Premises: A Cashless Future Should Be Pursued

Cash on school grounds is a pressing issue, one that we believe needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

With little to no security in schools, having large amounts of cash on school premises is a constant worry for everyone. It is scary to think that this could make your school an easy target for criminals and the thought of your child being caught up in a school robbery is a truly frightening one.

We have all had a nasty wake-up call in the recent weeks learning about the schools in Johannesburg who were robbed during school hours, with over R30,000 stolen and a fatality in one of the incidents.

There is also the concern of getting the money from the school to a bank. With the alarming statistic that in the last three reporting years, South Africa has seen a consecutive increase of cash-in-transit heists.

Pursuing a cash-free environment at your school has never been a more important issue.

The reality is that there are still schools asking parents to send their children to school with cash for events and collections.

Why are we still sending children to school with cash? Are we sticking to what we know because “cash is king” or is it is because “the bursars have been using this system for the last 50 years and are averse to change?” With the number of school robberies in South Africa on the rise, it is now time to fix a system that is in fact broken. Cash in schools should be completely eradicated and done so with a sense of urgency.

With Karri, creating a cash-free environment does not have to be such a mammoth task for your school’s financial team. In fact, the Karri system halves your administrative time whilst creating a safer environment for teachers and students alike.

The Karri system offers a simple alternative to kids bringing cash to school by allowing parents to make payments via an app on their smartphone. It is free for parents to use and there are no hidden costs or sign up fees for the school.

With a system like Karri, there is absolutely no reason for schools to have cash on site at any point.

Karri offers a fully comprehensive financial management system with a user-friendly dashboard where you can create events and collections with ease, monitor payments and consolidate collections.

By completely eliminating the element of cash on your school’s premises you are creating a safer, happier environment for everyone. Join hundreds of schools across South Africa who are already using our system successfully, with most now refusing to accept cash payments from parents.

Karri offers free onsite training to all your team members and will happily check in with you on a regular basis to make sure Karri is working optimally at school. With a built-in chat feature on Karri’s app and a dedicated support team, you and your parents have access to assistance at any point should you need.

If converting your school to a cash-free environment was not on your priority list, we hope it is now. Pursue it with a sense of urgency!

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