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Are you a Capitec user struggling to pay on Karri?

Many of our Karri users who bank with Capitec have been experiencing difficulty when trying to pay with their cards in the app. This issue is normally easily resolved.

Normally the issue lies with your online limit on your Capitec cellphone banking app. Capitec defaults your online daily limit to ZERO Rand, if you have not changed this prior to trying to make an online payment, this is the problem.

To resolve this issue you will first need to exit the Karri app and log into the Capitec app on your smartphone.

Try following these simple steps:

  1. Once you’ve entered your credentials and have successfully logged into the Capitec app, select Cards.
  2. Next, simply tap Update Limits.
  3. From here, select the Online/Telephone/Mail Purchases option.
  4. Tap update.
  5. Enter the desired daily limit amount.
  6. Tick both windows in the grey box (T’s & C’s agreement) then tap Accept.

You should now be able to successfully make a payment using your Capitec card on Karri.

This didn’t work, what do I do next?

Here’s a handy video from Capitec which may help you…


I am still not able to make a payment on Karri

Head over to Capitec’s website, they have a similar tutorial which may be able to assist you. Alternatively, give our support team a call on 021 300 1867.


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