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2019 – A year to remember

What a year it has been here at Karri Payments! We’d like to thank you for making 2019 our favourite year so far. This year, 100s of schools joined the Karri family, revolutionising their payment methods and removing hundreds of thousands of Rands in cash from their premises.

As the year draws to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite moments:

We launched a handful of new features on the Karri app. Including:

  • Partial Payments: Enabling partial payments on your Karri collection means that you are giving parents the option to pay for the collection in “bitesize payments”, this is ideal for big sports tours, school fees or other large payments in which parents may not be able to pay the full amount immediately. Read more here.
  • Compulsory Collections: Any Karri collection can be made into a compulsory collection. What’s really great, is that If this collection is not paid by the parent the status will change to OVERDUE PAYMENT and will still appear on the Karri app. Cool right! Read more here.
  • Agreements, Indemnity forms, Permission Slips & Waivers: Adding this feature to your Karri collection allows a parent to easily tick and fill in the necessary details whilst paying for the collection. There is no further hassle of a child having to remember their permission slip or teachers tirelessly following up on missing documents. Read more here.
  • Cloning Collections: We simplified things by allowing you to clone collections on Karri. Now you can repeat a collection without having to copy and paste the details. Read more here.

We pioneered a cash-free school movement. 

We all know that having large amounts of cash on school premises is a constant worry for everyone. We continued to prove that converting your school to a cash-free environment was easy, the Karri system halves your administrative time whilst creating a safer environment for teachers and students alike. Read more about this initiative here.

We improved our Data upload process:

Here at Karri, we want to make sure that all our schools can be collecting on Karri as soon as possible in 2020. We are now able to ensure that your class lists are updated quickly and efficiently with our updated import system, read more about it here. 

Throughout the year, we attended some wonderful conferences including, SBMA, SABISA and SAOU to name a few!

We received 1000’s of 5* reviews via the app stores. 

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The Karri family continued to grow…

It’s been a wonderful year here at Karri, but we couldn’t have done it without the support of you and your school. We’re looking forward to removing even more cash from schools across the country in 2020 and continuing to revolutionise your school’s payments system. 

If you are yet to sign up your school to Karri, head over to www.karripay.com or contact us directly on 021 300 1867. 

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