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10 Reasons Why Technology Is Important In Schools

These days, technology is everywhere and is completely entwined in almost every part of our lives. It affects all of our day, from work to play, but most importantly it has become a vital learning tool.

Technology has become a big part of how schools work and operate. With mobile apps such as Karri becoming more and more popular, it only makes sense that we put education and technology in the same box.

We’ve listed 10 reasons why we believe that Technology is important in schools:

  1. When used correctly, mobile devices and apps can help prepare students for their future careers.
  2. Allowing the integration of technology into schools and classrooms means teachers can connect with children of all different learning styles.
  3. It encourages children to work together and share ideas.
  4. Using technology in a classroom gives educators the opportunity to teach students how to use technology safely and responsibly.
  5. Students will stay engaged during lesson time.
  6. Combining apps, which aid with learning will enhance students knowledge and create a new and more exciting learning environment.
  7. Students are able to access up to date information quickly and effectively through just a few touches of a button, making processes such as researching much quicker than in previous years.
  8. Teachers will be understood better and get to have a positive experience if the children are more engrossed in lesson time.
  9. Students are aware and responsible. For example integrating iPads into a classroom will give students a sense of ownership, inevitably teaching them how to be accountable for belongings.
  10. When teachers use apps such as Karri, it can make more timely processes a lot simpler than before.

Technology can transform an educational experience when used correctly in a learning environment, giving children the opportunity to gain more knowledge than ever before! With the ever fast moving pace of the world today, technology has to go hand in hand with schools. Whether it is app use or use of a mobile device, it’s one of those things which will greatly affect the way future generations function.

Are you debating integrating apps and mobile devices into your school? What do you think about this ever-changing world of technology? We would love to hear from you!

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