Back to School Stationery Packs Simplified

The one click, stationery collection
platform for your school.

Let’s keep things simple

Start by totally digitising stationery pack collections at your school.

Every year, teachers hand out requirements lists, catalogues and order forms to learners, parents complete the order form, put it in an envelope and submit it to the school with payment. Orders are then placed in boxes or received by teachers, collated and collected by Waltons.

This is an old and convoluted process that wastes time, paper and is not always safe.

Karri has removed this administrative burden from teachers, parents and Wallets to offer an easy, convenient and safe Back to School purchasing solution.

Karri Dashboard

This is your Karri home base.
Send out collections schedule payments, and reconcile invoices.

  Set reminders for collections
  Track and view outstanding payments
  Manage and download invoices

Going into the New Back to School Season

Parents will be able to purchase their Waltons Stationery Packs securely through the Karri App. Gone are the days of cumbersome order forms, walking up-and-down crowded retail store aisles or fumbling with cash or EFT proofs of payment at school handouts. Parents will now be able to buy their stationery packs directly through the Karri App in mere seconds. Schools will also love the solution with the elimination of the administrative burden of handing out catalogues and order forms, collecting orders and handling school premises; all replaced with a single click of a button. The Karri app is powered by Nedbank which ensures that parents’ and schools’ money and information are treated with the greatest care and in compliance with the highest safety standards.

About Bidvest Waltons

Waltons Stationery was opened by Mr Norman Walton as a humble family store in Cape Town in 1949 with the goal of bringing Capetonians a previously unseen range of high quality stationery and work tools.

Mr Walton’s emphasis on innovative, high-quality product ranges and excellent customer service – the kind that you can only find in a family-owned business – formed the bedrock of what would become an iconic brand in Cape Town and South Africa as a whole.

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