About Karri

Karri allows you to make safe, quick and convenient payments to your school or other community organization. So far, we’ve helped move millions in cash from schools in South Africa and Australia to secure, trackable online transfers. Download the app, register an account (in less than 60 seconds), choose your payment mechanism and make an instant payment to your organization.

Forget to pay? No problem. Karri will send you a friendly reminder so you or your child never miss an event/outing/fundraiser again.

Make an instant payment to your organization from your MasterCard or Visa Store funds in your Karri wallet to make sure you never miss a payment again. Receive a convenient reminder if you forget about a payment
Add all events to your calendar, straight from the Karri app. No bank charges! Karri is completely free to use*

Karri has made paying your school, church or sports club insanely fast and easy.

Check all your transactions on the Karri transaction history. Add your children to the app so you can make payments on their behalf. Pay for stationary, textbooks or school fees simply and easily from your Karri app.

Karri support numerous payment types. Fundraiser or ticket sale? No problem!

Download the Karri app for: Secure mobile wallet, instant payments, instant orders and so much more!

Welcome to a world beyond cash and cheques in envelopes and painful bank transfers.

Welcome to Karri.

Our Values


Our business is built on communities.
We believe in connection.
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We believe in relentless growth of ourselves and our business and a growth mindset.
To stop growing is to stagnate.


We believe in being real and honest and conducting ourselves with integrity.

Strategic Resourcefulness

We believe in spending time and money thoughtfully and only on things that add real value.
If we say we are going to do something, we will make it happen, no matter the hurdles.


We believe there are no failures only opportunities to learn.
Our strength lies in our tenacity to dust ourselves off and keep on going.


We take great joy in delighting our customers.
We passionately care about creating great experiences.

Counting Coins Is A Thing Of The Past!

Help us remove cash from schools and community organizations, making them a safer place for all